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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Posted by RTGfxs on March 4, 2010 at 12:00 AM

Final Image Preview


Step 1

Start by opening a new document, set dimension to 750px by 900px. Choose Rectangle Tool (U), with a fill of #7e0e00. Leave more space to the right of the rectangle. This will be our cover.


Step 2

Now apply a Sponge filter. (Filter > Artistic >Sponge…;) Set the brush size to 0, definition to 1 and the smoothness to 15.

Step 3

Reselect the Rectangle Tool (U), but this time we will do a pen path. So in the option bar, select pen path icon. (2nd icon from the left) Now create a smaller rectangle within the red rectangle like so.

Step 4

Next, create a new layer. Select the Pencil Tool (B) and set the tip to 2px. Now choose the Pen Tool (P) and on the document right click and click on stroke path. A setting menu should pop out. From the drop menu, select the pencil; uncheck Simulate Pressure, if checked and press ok. Once the path has been stroked, press the enter key to remove the path. Bring the opacity down to around 40%.


Step 5

Now create a new layer. Then, select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and in the option bar, under the Style drop down menu, select fixed size. Set the size to 50px by 40px. Create a selection in the top left corner of the red rectangle, on the other side of the 100px guide. Fill in the selection with black.


Step 6

Create another selection, under the rectangle made in last step. Now fill this selection with #7e0e00.


Step 7

Now with the layer selected, press Ctrl + Alt + T. This will bring up the duplicate free transform option. If you hold down the Shift key and press the down arrow, you move the duplicated selection. Set the selection under the last red rectangle.


Step 8

Press Shift + Ctrl + Alt + T. By doing this, Photoshop duplicates the two rectangles and moves them down under each other. Do this until the whole left side of the cover. Now select the Eraser (E) and remove any extra rectangles. Before moving on, combine all the duplicated layers into one layer, by selecting the all of the duplicated layer and pressing Shift +E.


Step 9

Open the Layer Styles of the layer, we just created. Apply a Bevel and Emboss effect, along with a gradient overlay. Set the setting as shown on image below.


Step 10

Get the Text Tool (T) from the tool bar. Type in the word ‘DIARY’ on the cover, using ‘Bookman Old Style’ as the font, size 120pt, and color of #e29e07. Open the Layer Styles and apply Inner Shadow and Bevel and Emboss based on images below.


Step 11

Now for the 2nd part of the text. Set the font color to #041867. Using the font ‘Comic San MS’, with font size 72, type the words ‘of a’. Open the Layers Styles, and apply a 5px white stroke on the outside.



Step 12

Right click on FX icon and select ‘Create Layer’. This will make a layer based on the effect applied in the Layer Styles. In the newly created layer, cover up the holes of the text.

 Step 13

Repeat step 11 and 12 but this time type in ‘Designer’.

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Reply riko
10:24 PM on September 17, 2010 
love this article so much! thank you for helping me :)
Reply greg
1:10 AM on November 26, 2012 
what program is that

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